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Regardless if you want to update your current kitchen space, organize your laundry room, transform your home office, or create a space for entertainment, we have a custom solution for you. Using products designed and hand-crafted here in Western Pennsylvania, we’ll help you find the perfect result for whatever problem it is you have to tackle.
Expand your kitchen space

Pull Outs

Maximizing precious storage space is a very important consideration when getting organized, and we can help. Our approach and roll-out shelf product is different than most. Once you provide basic measurements, we will custom size your roll-out shelves for a perfect fit in your cabinets. Because our quality wood roll-outs are made custom according to the construction of your cabinets, installation directly onto the cabinet base and/or existing shelves is quick and easy.

Full cycle organizing

Laundry Rooms

Is your laundry room full of piles? Does laundry extend from the laundry accumulate throughout your entire house? Has your laundry room become a dumping zone for linens and extra "stuff"? The first thing you need to do is clear out that room and come up with a system for dealing with clothes. Create a place for everything and have everything in its place - we can make it happen with custom drawers, shelving and hanging racks made to suit your needs.

Experience entertainment

Entertainment Centers

Where is that remote? Who moved my game controllers? Everything from accessories to your TV, DVD Player, and those custom speakers can fit into an organized space that fits your needs exactly. We can help you convert any extra room into a functional family or game room.

Entertainment, family and game rooms have become popular additions, and even great remodels. The typical suburban home has extra rooms and massive basements that are perfect for entertainment rooms. Make no mistake, entertainment rooms don't have to be pigeonholed into simply a big room with a big couch facing a large TV. These rooms can be made to entertain in whatever way you want. With the help of our experienced designers, you will decide the style and materials of your choice. The addition of decorative moldings, and accessories add the finishing touches to every entertainment center we build. Shelves, vertical video drawers, multimedia flip racks, lighting, swivel TV shelves and so much more will add to the functionality of your entertainment unit.

Clean AND tidy

Mudrooms and Lockers

First impressions mean a lot. Your mudroom or entry room to your home or office can make a difference in the way you and your guests feel about it. Is your entryway, foyer, coat closet or mudroom in disarray? Anyone who lives in an area that has cold winters knows the struggle involved in organizing hats, mittens, umbrellas, coats and boots.

Don't save the front coat closet just for guests. You can make good use out of it with a little organization. Organizing can be as simple as adding a few accessories to your entry space. If you have the space, a storage wall can be instrumental in not just organizing hats and shoes, but school and work items that need to be picked up quickly when you are on your way out the door. You may want a space for each member of the family to put their jackets, sports equipment and other supplies. Let us help you create the perfect custom, functional entryway.

Stay tucked away.

Wall Beds

Instantly turn any room into a bedroom with a custom designed hideaway bed. Call them what you want, wall beds, Murphy beds, space saving beds, or fold-up beds - these quality units will give your guests years of service and comfort. Designed to fit any decor, wall beds can be conveniently stowed away and no one will know it’s there until it’s needed. Call us to get started on your wall bed design today.

A part of your home


At Organizing Options, we strive to create the most efficient organization solutions for your entire home, from top to bottom. Areas built directly into your home that are customized to fit your lifestyle can turn your home into a masterpiece.

From ornamental, cozy window seats to versatile bedroom spaces and wall beds, every room in your house can be neat and organized with built in areas to manage your "stuff". You can remodel your home without ever moving a wall with custom built-ins and furniture. Finishing touches like glass, unique moldings and lighting can add that special touch to your custom built-in project.

Get stuff done... in style.

Home Office

Make your office a more productive and inviting place to work. Files, paper, technology, cables, data and other office accessories need a home – whether you work from a traditional or home office. Keep essential items on your desktop - computer, phone, card files, and to do lists. Office organization is about having a place for everything, from your files and paper supplies to reference books and magazines - let us help you create a custom solution for your home office.

Capitalize on your kitchen space

Picture Perfect Pantries

The kitchen is the one place in your home that gets used more often than most other areas and, when cluttered, is hard to keep clean and functional. So, where do you begin and how do you maintain a tidy, organized kitchen and pantry? Assess the situation. Clear everything out of the cabinets, shelves and cupboards. Sort it into piles. Group the dishes you eat from, holiday, other seasonal items and special items. Then, let us help you get that kitchen and pantry running as efficiently as possible.

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Each and every piece we build is custom-created, right here in Western Pennsylvania, and designed especially for you.

On Staff Installers

We utilize our own on-staff installation team for your safety and to make sure your project is done right.

10 Year Warranty

We offer a 10-year warranty, covering the product and the installation unless abused or misused.

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