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Walk In Organization

It stands to reason that the more space you have, the more organized you will be. If that is the case, then why is that walk-in closet such a mess. The same rules for cleaning out any closet apply to eliminating the mess in your walk-in closet. (see Closet Organization 101), the advantage of a walk-in closet is the amount of space and the number of options you have available to you.

The beauty of a walk-in closet

Walk-in closets offer a variety of design options. A walk-in closet should be designed to fit your lifestyle and the way that you really need to manage your space.

Take a good look around before you start tackling the job of organizing your walk-in. What do you see that is getting in your way?

If it is laundry hanging out in there, consider getting a tuck away laundry bin that you can put in a discrete corner of the closet for storage until laundry day. If it's ties or shoes, consider an additional tie or shoe rack.

Do you see unused space because you have a ton of shirts, slacks, jackets or skirts hanging on a long hang closet rack? You can double up that space with a half hang rack.

What about miscellaneous clutter?

Closet drawers and shelves can organize that "stuff" for you. With a walk-in closet, the options you have are endless. You may only be a couple of drawers and shelves away from organization.

Organize everything in piles according to how you will be organizing your closet. Take an inventory of the amount of space you need for each pile. This will help you determine the types of custom closet accessories that will best fit your needs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your walk in closet organizer. Choose to add shelves, clothing rods, shoe racks, cubbies for your accessories, carousals for ties and belts, and hooks for hats and jackets. You have the option of adding a dresser or even building shelves to go into the walk in closet area.

If you have the room in your walk in closet, you may want to add a bench or a chair for getting dressed. Some people put an island or dresser in the middle of their walk in closet. A full length mirror adds a very nice touch too.

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