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Mudroom Organization

First impressions mean a lot.
Your mudroom or entry room to your home, school or office can make a difference in the way you feel about your space and your guests fell about it.

Is your entryway, foyer, coat closet or mudroom in disarray? Anyone who lives in an area that has cold winters knows the struggle involved in organizing hats, mittens, umbrellas, coats and boots.

Don't save the front coat closet just for guests.
You can make good use out of it for daily activity with a little organization.
Organizing can be as simple as adding a few accessories to your entry space.
If you have the space, a storage wall can be instrumental in not just organizing hats and shoes, but school and work items that need to be picked up quickly when you are on your way out the door. You may want a space for each member of the family to put their jackets, sports equipment and other supplies.

Hook it up!
Hooks, are great for items that you need get hold of right away (backpacks, jackets, scarves and purses). Hook placement should be out of the way to avoid getting snagged on anyone passing through.

Closet organizers, shelves, baskets and storage bins that are neatly arranged, not only make for a more attractive and organized entryway, but are also handy for those items that you bring back and forth from work or school that clutter the rest of the house.

A small blench built into your mudroom makes putting on and taking off shoes easy on rainy, wintry or muddy days, helping to keep the dirt outside of the house where it belongs.

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