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Laundry Room Organization

Is your laundry room just a big pile of piles? Does laundry extend from the laundry room throughout your entire house? Have you ever bought clothes just to avoid doing the laundry for one more day? Has your laundry room become a dumping zone for linens and extra "stuff"?

The first thing you want to do is clear out that room and come up with some system for dealing with clothes that everyone in your household buys into. If everyone follows the system, things will run smoothly.

A place for everything and everthing in its place.
Placing a hamper in every bedroom and each bathroom is a good place to start. This makes it simple for each member of your family to put their laundry in a single source that is both convenient for them and for yourself. Young adults can get into the habit of doing their own laundry when it's not mixed up with the rest of the family's.

Organizing your laundry room
Creating spaces for laundry essentials is important. Create closet or shelve space for detergent, fabric softener and other laundry room supplies so that they are out of site when not in use. Having a clothing rack close to the drier is another helpful organizing tip. Have a supply of hangers ready to go on the rack so when you remove cothes fromt he drier, you can hang them right away. This will save you time when putting your clothes away as well as ironing time. Coded hampers and baskets will save time in sorting and systems for non-washable clothing can keep those items safe from damage.

Whether you like to do a load or two everyday or tackle your laundry chores in a single day, organization in your laundry room will help you get the task done quicker and easier.

From pullout ironing boards, to baskets and shelves, closets and clothes hangers, Organizing Options has everything that you need to keep your laundry room clear of clutter.

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