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Garage Organization

Organizing your garage can be a monumental task. Make sure you set aside enough time to work on this project. Weekends, when you have full days that you can work uninterrupted are probably the best time to clean out your garage. Try to plan on a dry weekend so that you can use your outside space to put things temporarily while you're moving garage items around. Sometimes it is wise to hire an expert or get some family members to help you if the task seems overwhelming or there are a lot of very heavy items to be moved.

Categorize garage contents. Many garages tend to be a dumping zone for everything that doesn't have a designated spot to reside in your house. Once you have established the categories of items that actually belong in the garage, pull everything out and group them in the driveway or the center of the garage. When necessary box items, either for storage or just for sorting. Items that will remain in boxes for storage should be marked right away as to their contents.

Once you have categorized and consolidated all items in your garage, get rid of any excess. Determine where you want each item to reside by frequency of use and available space. Recycling should be near the entrance for ease of use, tools should go close to workbenches and so on.

When putting items on garage shelves or cabinets, remember that most frequently used items should remain accessible, while seasonal and less frequently used items can be stored high or low. Installing built in cabinets and modular storage is an excellent way to keep your garage looking clean and uncluttered.

Think about parking space and make sure that how you organize your garage does not interfere with getting in and out of your car. There are a lot of handy garage accessories available today that protect your car doors and bumpers from damage when getting your car in and out of your garage.

Maintaining your garage organization may require that you pull together a household meeting to be sure that everyone is aware of where things should be stored. Keeping your garage clean and tidy may also mean regular garage maintenance.
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