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The kitchen is the one place in your home that gets used more often than most other areas. A cluttered kitchen is hard to keep clean and functioning. It's hard to get your child and spouses to pitch in with kitchen cleaning tasks if it is disorganized and cluttered. So, where do you begin and how do you maintain a tidy, organized kitchen and pantry?

Assess the situation. Just like cleaning out your typical closet, clear everything out of those cabinets, shelves and cupboards. Sort them into logical piles. Group the dishes you eat from, holiday, other seasonal items and special items can be stored separately. Discard containers without lids and store remaking contains with their lids on them or with lids in a larger container for easy access.

Free Consultation

Free consultation with custom designs to meet your wants and needs.

Custom Made

We manufacture the materials specifically for your project making them completely custom.

On Staff Installers

We use our own on staff installers for your safety and to make sure your project is done right.

10 Year Warranty

Warranty covering the product and the installation unless abused or misused.


Renee L

Mike and Jordan did an awesome job installing my closet! I love it! AJ was invaluable with my design and I appreciated his patience with my re-design a few times. All in all, a great experience! Thank you!!


Organizing Options created usable space in two bedroom closets. Their plan worked perfectly for my clothers and shoes. Their installer was efficient and on time and finished the job beautifully. The bars are sturdy and the shelving and drawers are high quality, still looking new after over a year. I recommend this company.

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